I can provide calligraphy for all special occasions - 

from weddings to christenings

from small, private dinner parties to large, corporate events


anniversary gifts

poems, prose and prayers


Please provide TYPED name and address lists - 

in a word processor, one list for the names to go on the invites and another list for the names and addresses to go on the envelopes – that’s if your names are different – for example, depending on how formal your event is, you may wish to have Charlie and Josie lettered on the invite but the envelope to be addressed to Mr and Mrs Bartolo. 

in a spreadsheet, the first column to be for the names for the invites and the second column for the names on the envelopes.  I have a spreadsheet template set up, if you would like me to email it to you, please contact me 

Also, please type the information as you wish it to be lettered.  if you put Apt, I will put Apt and not Apartment.

If you are having a booklet style invite with two pages – card with an inner sheet of paper – it would help me immensley if  you could let me have the printed inner sheet to letter on then hand it back to your printer to attach to the outer sheet.

There are lots of rules on formal etiquette and I can help you with this and it also differs from country to country – Britain and America use slightly different formats too but just remember that it is YOUR event and unless you’re inviting nobility, aristocracy or kings and queens you can really choose what suits you!


See the styles page for my eight basic styles.