Helen is Malta’s leading calligrapher. Born and trained in the UK, she chose to move to Malta, buying her first property here some eleven years ago.

She first dipped her pen into the inky font of artistic writing at the age of seven when, “I cried because my mum gave my cousin a calligraphy set for Christmas and I wanted one.” Luckily her mother recognised Helen’s genuine interest and gave her a calligraphy set but sadly forgot the ink, so after a few day’s wait for the shops to open, the lifelong passion for the written form was born.

Helen developed her calligraphy skills over the years whilst based in the English city of Lincoln. It was here in 1999 that her hobby first became a job, with “Licence To Quill” her business which produced hand written wedding invitations and ran training courses for people wanting to learn the art of calligraphy.

Ten years ago she moved with her husband to Tripoli, Libya and sadly there was no call there for her business but she used the opportunity to learn to write Arabic and to use her talents in the support of various expat charity organisations. During this period she acquired her first flat in Malta and this became home for the times when she was not in North Africa. Following the 2011 uprising, this became a full time residence and Licence To Quill was reborn.

Licence To Quill is now succesfully established as the leading calligraphy provider on the island, offering teaching and lettering commissions for individuals, weddings and company celebrations.  Currently based in Mellieha, Helen is now ideally placed to cover Gozo as well as all areas of Malta.